Artistic Mural Beautifying Wall at Negril Community Centre…!

Artistic Mural Beautifying Wall at Negril Community Centre…!

Artistic Mural Beautifying Wall at Negril Community Centre…!

There is now a large Artistic Mural beautifying a wall at the Negril Community Centre, Norman Manley Boulevard, in Negril.

Here is how it all came about.  Mrs. Elane Allen Bradley, Director of the Negril Chamber of Commerce Director and Chairman of the Destination Assurance Council, was approached by Peter Rose of the Rockhouse Foundation telling her that artistes were coming to Jamaica to create a Mural at the Savanna-la-Mar Savanna-La-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy that the Foundation built, and artiste would like to do a Muriel for Negril.

After rejecting a West End Road location, Mrs. Bradley spearheaded communitications with Directors of the Negrl Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Moore Negril Major, and Ms. Stewart of NIGALPA whom are responsible for the Negril Community Centre.  Mrs. Bradley received permission from Ms. Stewart and after the location was viewed by the Mural artiste the decision was made to beautify the Negril Community Centre wall with a Mural.

Contact: Erica Hawkinson


Green Star Movement Brings Mural Arts Program to Jamaica

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, February 28, 2018, Green Star Movement, a Chicago-based nonprofit that inspires students and community members through the creation of public art, recently completed two large-scale bricolage murals in Jamaica.

In January, Green Star Movement artists and two Chicago teen apprentices traveled to Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland to work on the first mural. Located at the Savanna-La-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy, which is sponsored by the Rockhouse Foundation, the mural blends imagery representing Jamaica’s diverse people, importance of family, and natural landscape. Along with Green Star Movement staff and students, three teens from the community worked on the project for the duration of its installation. The second mural was completed in partnership with the Negril Chamber of Commerce and was installed at the Negril Community Center. This time, Green Star artists teamed up with youth and community members of all ages to work on the project. The mural represents the natural beauty of Jamaica, Negril’s history as a fishing village and the importance of the environment as we look into the future.

As part of the cultural exchange, two of the Jamaican youth artists that participated in either project will journey to Chicago this summer to work with Green Star Movement and Chicago teens on a mural there. By educating and inspiring youth through these inclusive public art projects and providing them the opportunity to explore new cultures, Green Star Movement hopes to empower the next generation of artists to ignite positive change in their communities.

Green Star Movement is a Chicago-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that inspires students and community members to design and realize public art. Since our founding in 2005, Green Star Movement has provided more than 8000 students with mural arts programming and successfully transformed the interiors and exteriors of almost 90 public spaces, including schools, parks, and community centers. Green Star Movement previously completed an international exchange in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

If you would like more information, please contact Erica at or 773-844-4034

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