Minister of Health visits Paediatric Orthotic (Braces for Feet) Services Clinic

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April 29, 2018 By Barry J. Hough Sr.

The Minister of Health visit to Paediatric Orthotic Services Clinic

On Thursday, March 22, 2018, the Minister of Health Dr The Honourable Christopher Tufton visited the Paediatric Orthotic (bracing for feet) Services (Clinic) at the Cottage, Negril Health Centre. Elaine Bradley, who has been with the clinic since the very beginning, escorted the Minister of Health showcasing the facilities, donated braces, and totally free services provided to children with deformed feet. The clinic started in 2009, has treated over 300 children, one to fourteen years of age, from all over Jamaica. There is currently a cut off for new patients at eight years of age. Children have to come back for four to six months after receiving the braces to receive follow up treatment should the child grow out of the brace, or there are any signs of squeezing by the brace. After the initial fitting, they are provided a twenty-four-hour telephone number for assistance if there are any immediate problems that require addressing. Depending upon each child’s diagnosis, braces could be utilized for life, until their deformity is corrected, or when they can be as independent as possible. Braces are all donated used braces that are sourced from the United States and Canada. Braces are moulded to fit children in a workroom at the clinic.

The Paediatric Orthotic (bracing for feet) Services (Clinic) is an out each program sponsored by RIU Hotels and Resorts. They ship the donated braces and other equipment the clinic receives from specialists and companies. RIU also hosts three or four specialists that come at one time to provide services to the children of the clinic. RIU totally funds the clinic and provides any refurbishment needed to the clinic's air conditioners, shelves, doors, chairs, water, and anything else that is required.

Elaine Bradley stated there are other individuals, volunteers, friends, and one regular local lady (a student of the Theodora Heart School in Negril that has been trained to help with repairs) that assist the clinic. When asked if she had a special story that you would like to share about the clinic, she stated: “Yes, many, because we have had patients that could not walk before they came to the clinic, now literally run into the clinic. Sometimes, the mothers are in tears when they remind us of when their child first came to the clinic and could not walk.”

Author’s Note: Elaine Bradley, is a retired nurse, Director of the Negril Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Destination Assurance Council, and member of the Rotary Club of Negril. She is very active in her pursuit to give back to Jamaica and the Negril community as a diligent activist endeavouring to preserve the uniqueness of Negril area as a clean, safe, healthy, friendly place to live and be enjoyed by visitors and residents.

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